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Dimension Fengshui

Specialize in 专业项目:-

Bazi 八字,

Yi Jing 易经,

Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲,

Numerology 数字学

Feng Shui 风水,

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Do you want to have more self awareness,

learn about your blind spots & hiccups ahead,

to prevent, minimize risks or danger.

Grab the upcoming potential opportunities

to maximize your gains for a smoother

journey ahead.

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Ready to know your future?

Call Master Chua to enlighten you.

+65 9878 8398


10am - 12am  Daily

For more information: Whatsapp +65 9878 8398

Appointment to be made

Locate us @ Woodlands
888 Plaza Singapore

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ID: dimensionfengshui

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